About Tables

Tables is a web application that serves restaurants and their clients by allowing the restaurant’s admin to add tables, categories and dishes with images, description, prices …
And let the client book a table, browse the menu, customize the order, order food, order the bill and rate the restaurant.
All this can be done by simple QR code scan on the table with no installation or sign up required.

Tables Interfaces

Admin Interface

Works on PC

Waiter Interface

Works on Tablet or Mobile

Client Interface

Works on Mobile

Tables Features


Restaurant Profile

Add and edit the restaurant profile (Name - stars - address - phones - logo - capacity - open and close times - customer ability to order).

Tables & QR

Add tables and generate the QR code for each table to be printed out, reserve a table and change the status of a table.


Add, edit, activate and deactivate categories and dishes with description, ingredients, side ingredients, image, source kitchen and price.

Bills & orders

Add, edit and delete orders for inside and outside the restaurant, add static taxes to be added automatically to the bill, print bills and archive them.


Add, edit and delete kitchens in your restaurant so every kitchen gets the order that he makes.


Get notified on every event that needs your attention.



Add, edit and customize orders for the tables of the restaurant instead of the customer.


Reserve a specific table and change the status of any table in the restaurant.


Order the bill for any table in the restaurant and print it out directly.


Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code on the table and enter the pin code to access the system.


Browse the menu, add, edit and customize order, add notes to the order, know the bill before confirming the order and request the bill.


Leave a rating and a review on the restaurant for others to lookup.

Admin Dashboard Screenshots

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Waiter Dashboard Screenshots

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Client App Screenshots

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