Clinic CRM

Why choosing Pulses for your clinic?

Patient Profile

Create patient profile in no time using a very simple, clear and friendly interface. Edit and delete profile any time.

Patient Visits

Add, explore and modify your patients visits (examination, tests, medicines ........)

Clinic Scheduler

Add, explore, modify and delete patients appointments the easy way.


Keep tracking of your income and outcome all the time with no effort or time to waste.

Multiple Platforms

Pulses is available on Web and Android, both will do the same functionality just to make it easier for you.

Multiple Users

Pulses supports multi users with different roles, so all your team will be able to help, each with their privileges.

Multiple Languages

Pulses supports Arabic & English languages in all interfaces of the application and all platforms.

Search & Filters

Find your requested data easily using search on all application interfaces, use filtration to know what you need in specific time or items range.


Pulses will work on both platforms equally, on single database and offline, all you need to do is sync both platforms with a single click.

Backup & Restore

Pulses will make auto daily backup, you can also backup manually, and restore to a copy you want.

Customize Inputs

You can customize the input fields you want in patient profile according to your needs and specialty.


Our team is available for support around the year, we are just an email or phone call away.

Introducing Pulses!

Pulses is your way to manage your clinic and patient information from anywhere at anytime.

Patient Profile

In Patient Profile, you can add the general and personal information for your patient (Name, address, phone, age, martial status, gender ….. and the medical history as text, or using a pre entered list to make it easier and faster.

Patient Visits

In Patient Visits dialog you can add: general visit info (clinical examination, general condition, diagnostics) all as text or you can choose from pre entered list, laboratory tests results, complementary procedures, surgeries, treatments (medicines) that will able you to print prescriptions and payment.
Using this dialog will save you time, effort and minimize the possibility of any error to occur during the examination of your patient.
Most of the fields can be pre entered so you write the item (lab test, complementary procedure, medicine …) only the first time then you will be able to use as many times as needed for other patients as well. This method will help save time and effort and generate reports regarding some information within your interest.


Clinic Scheduler

In Clinic Scheduler you are able to choose the patient from search to add new appointment, selecting date, time, complaint and notes.
once you add new appointment it will automatically be added to the calendar of the date selected, along with other appointments.
On the main scheduler page you will able too see all appointments as table with all regarding information, a status bar will be displayed to make it clear and easy to determine the time of appointment.


Add New Appointment Dialog
Scheduler Main Page


Accounting page is a sheet containing income and outcome that will help you keep track with your clinic finance in a simple way that will take no time or effort.
Default standard payment can be set in advance that will be entered automatically in the accounting sheet unless you changed it manually for an individual patient.
Add your clinics expenses such as consumables and bills. All income and outcome results will be displayed on the top with a balance.


Add Payment Dialog
Default Payment Dialog
Accounting Main Page