What we are proud of

All of our work is a pride source for us, but here is some of the featured work we’ve done!
Hope you like it


Baytii Plus Application




Baytii Plus is a mobile application on Android and IOS for trading real estate in multiple countries. We made the design simple, elegant, modern and easy to use.
The UI for this project took about one month of progressive work, we made the main design on Figma designs are made using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
We took in consideration the simplicity of use for anyone to use the application without learning and effort, when you start using the app you only need about ten minutes to become familiar with it. This is the base we built on our app.

Tables Application




Tables is a web application that serves restaurants and their clients by allowing the restaurant’s admin to add tables, categories and dishes with images, description, prices … And let the client book a table, browse the menu, customize the order, order food, order the bill and rate the restaurant. All this can be done by simple QR code scan on the table with no installation or sign up required.
The design was meant to be simple, easy to use, practical and nice to look at.
The app is controlled from a dashboard for the restaurant to add the dishes, categories and book a table … this makes the app very easy to use and control.

Pulses Application




Pulses is an application to manage private clinics (patients files – appointments – surgeries … ), it is available on PC and Mobile that works together.
The design of pulses is very simple and easy to use, in this case this was the whole goal, so we paid attention to details that will make the use of the application easy and comfort for the doctor.

GENiO Application




GENiO is a mobile application runs on android phones and tablets to able students take exams and homework online, it is available on web platform for the teachers to add questions, review exams and homework, start exams …
This application was designed for kids to be able to start their exams and homework in an easy way without any comlexity.


Latsh Sweets Website

Latsh Oceanato is an oriental sweets company located is Syria.
They make high quality oriental sweets and exporting to the world.
The website was designed from A to Z by us, a dark theme was chosen to reflect the high class of the company, all images in the website are taken under our supervision and all designs are made by our team using adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. This project started in October 2021 and ended in February 2022.

GVECO Website

GVECO is a Syrian company which works in the foodstuff industry and agriculture, they work in the manufacturing and export of fruits and vegetables.
The website was designed from A to Z by our team, all graphic designs including the Logos are made by our team using Adobe illustrator and Adobe photoshop.
This project started in September 2021 and ended in February 2022.

Al-Batool Website & Store

Al-Batool is a Syrian company which works in the field of IVF.
They wanted a simple store to categorize and sell their products without any complications, so the design and development was oriented around this point, they were very satisfied with the result .
This project started in March 2019 and ended in June 2019.

Al-Koptan Website

Al-Koptan Kitchen Equipment Co is a company located UAE that works in kitchen equipment trading, we had the pleasure to design and develop their website that introduce their company and list their products, all photos and designed on the website were made by our team.
This project started in March 2020 and ended in October 2020.

Mahayni Co Website & Store

Mahayni Co is a company in Syria that works in gym equipment, kitchen equipment and water filtration.
The website and store were developed by our team with a CMS for the customer to add, edit and delete products and receive orders.
The design took several months of work to get to the final result that pleases the customer.
This project started in April 2019 and ended in December 2019.